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It is a great feeling to go to a yoga class that is so inviting and encouraging. It is a non-competitive environment where I have met so many new friends! Love how inspiring and uplifting the classes are. High quality instruction that leaves you feeling invigorated!! Come join the family!!



Received a massage from Melissa this morning. I have had a few massages from different massage therapists, and Melissa is by far the best! She is truly gifted with healing hands! I will never go to anyone else for a massage. She makes sure to cater to specific needs and ensures the comforts of her clients.



Rapha Holistic Wellness is a place to go where you will receive healing and rejuvenation for your body, soul, and spirit! I feel so good after leaving there. It wakes me up inside!



My 13 year old went to Melissa for her first massage, specifically to work on some overused muscles and experience relaxation from therapeutic massage. It was a great experience and she is feeling lasting benefits. Her pulled hammy is all good and she's running again without discomfort. Thank you Melissa!